Loyalty Rewards

Many casinos run their own loyalty scheme and when you join the casino, you are automatically enrolled in the scheme and as you deposit and play at the casino, the amount of money you spend with the casino can earn you a number of different rewards.

The rewards you earn are very much dependent upon the type of loyalty scheme the casino runs and how much you spend. Some casinos offer players points, which can be redeemed against prizes and other gifts at the casino shop. Other casinos offer players a cash bonus which is paid to players when they have accrued enough points in a month, or at various intervals throughout the year.

The tendency here is the more you spend at the casino in the least amount of time, then the higher your reward from the loyalty scheme is likely to be.

Loyalty schemes are ideal for players who like to play exclusively at one casino and don’t see what other offers are available elsewhere very often. As such, if you are this type of casino player, do take time to check out the loyalty scheme on offer at a prospective casino to see if it matches the type of rewards you would like to see for your custom.

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