Mobile casino freebies

Nowadays, thanks to smartphone and tablet technology, we are able to access casinos both at home from the desktop and out on the go. As such, the mobile gaming platform has increased rapidly in recent years and casinos have not been slow in trying to appeal to this new variety of casino gamer.

Many casinos will offer special mobile casino bonuses and freebies to players who choose to play at the casino for the first time via mobile. This can be in the form of a cash bonus, or in free spins on a selected slot, or something similar.

The great thing about this freebie is that it requires nothing extra of the user other than simply playing at the casino via a mobile or tablet.

Holiday Palace Casino

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Holiday Palace Casino is the largest casino in Sihanoukville with over 200 gaming machines and 10 tables, including 6 baccarat tables, blackjack and roulette are also available. There is a VIP area for the high-rollers, with a further 2 baccarat tables available for higher-stakes games. Read more…