Webmaster is watching YouTube tutorials to understand how to use GitHub. SMS or WhatsApp +855 965 975 998

Will purchase a Team Membership so you may have easy access to all (5) private software project repositories  we have available. More are planned once clients see we are indeed able to deliver  on time and under budget.


You can work on whatever parts seem quick, easy and fast for your skills.  Don’t try to do everything yourself, because I’m building a TEAM. You are invited to become a team player.

Remember, this project offers you profit sharing, a small amount of passive income each month because you help us become THE BEST and most popular Casino Directory serving Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Listening to This mp3 on our crowdfunding site will help you with ideas.

See also another domain we own which can be used somehow or pointed here.

Webmaster desires a static page with a list of sample keywords that can be used to show traffic some ideas on how to search the website, rather than a cluttered page showing various categories and how many listings are in it. This would appear in the MENU >> How To. A short PowerPoint video that all languages could understand is desired.

Our other site at will send traffic here after the index page seen at has been modified to accept advertising links. These links or ad images will surely appear in the country of Cambodia and may be redesigned around the theme seen at, another domain we own.